VRC(ABS:-3 Type)

  • It's completely sealed type of cage that can be possible for-30Pascal.
  • Caoacity of seal lage is acailable to ± 500 Pascal.
  • It's appropriate to raise Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig.
  • Controlling auto centilation(ACH) and auto pressure are available.
  • It has function to display and alert upper limit and lower limit on C02, NH3 temperature, humidity.
  • Hepa Filter Box is detachable to sterilize and cleaning.
  • Cage and Filter Box can be sterilized with high temperature.
  • It's convenient lock and unlock structure.
  • It's perfect sealed type.
  • Easy to maintain Exhaust Filter.
  • Pre Filter is equipped on exhaust line.

Products Specification

standard Type 제품사양
Product No. W D H Quantity of Cage
P3-VRC24 1230 550 1905 6Shelves 4Rows(24Cage)
P3-VRC30 1530 550 1905 6Shelves 5Rows(30Cage)
P3-VRC36 1830 550 1905 6Shelves 6Rows(36Cage)